5 ways to make your bathroom more self care friendly

Restoration salt soak, Eye mask, White robe, Eucalyptus shower bundle

Working from home in a pandemic with limited places to visit, by now you probably know every inch of your home, especially your bathroom.  If your bathroom doesn't feel like the self care haven it once was, here are five simple tricks to enhance your self care rituals at home.

  1. Set the stage by adding nature to your bath

    Shower bundle by Misty Morning Florals

    Most people have tried an additive to their bath like bombs, oils or salts, but have you ever considered bringing in some aromatic greenery to specifically enhance your relaxation? Essential oils originate from plants, so naturally going back to source provides another rich experience for the senses.

    I love the colour and aromatherapy I get from this gorgeous green addition to my showers. I found that I prefer having foliage hang from the shower head rather than include florals in my bath. Eucalyptus and lavender are a very popular combination but my fave is the eucalyptus and rosemary bouquet from Misty Morning Florals. Just refresh their shower bundle each day with a little water and become enrapt in the sensual scent.

  2. Rest your mind, body and soul with our Restoration Salt Soak, powered by an incomparable ingredient: Magnesium Flakes

    While bubble baths and bath bombs are fun, every so often your organs need a good detox from all that accumulated inflammation.  Just like a purifying face mask, our Restoration Salt Soak detoxes your organs and conditions your skin with the benefits of minerals from Dead Sea Salts and essential oils.

    Magnesium flakes have some incredible restorative properties that relieve joint pain and improve circulation from the inside, as well as soothing both headaches and dry skin. Enhance your mood and sleep by turning your tub into your own spa getaway this weekend.

  3. When you can't hot tub under the stars, try a galaxy projector light (via Amazon)

    Galaxy projector light from Amazon
    Light therapy is just as important as aroma and sound and I needed a change from candles. There are a ton of these awesome personal lightshow options online, but I found a simple-to-use projector with multiple options for colour, clouds and movement.

    The plug-and-play projector has a USB connector, giving it flexibility to use in a car or with a laptop, as well as a traditional socket. I often use a short extension cord to position it perfectly so when I open my eyes after relaxing in my bath, the first thing I see is the night sky over me.

  4. Recycled bottles can create amazing ambiance with some wine bottle string lights (via Amazon)

    Wine bottle battery-operated string lights for recycled bottles

    Feel good about looking good. I'm all about reduce and recycle so when I found these bottle lights at the local dollar store I was excited that I could bring new life to old bottles. They come in soft yellow as shown and also a brighter white bulb. Personally I like the softer tones for my self care.

    Any interesting looking bottle with an opening the size of a cork will do. You can reuse olive oil, syrup or glass soda bottles. Try different lights and types of glass to find your perfect light therapy balance.
  5. Soft, eco-friendly towels (from ettitude)

    Ettitude waffle towels made from bamboo

    How can we possibly relax when there are so many unsustainable processes go into making up the comforts we rely on for self-care?

    Just thinking about the journey a pair of shoes took to arrive at your front door means considering the cost of manufacturing, water usage, fuel for shipping, impacts not just financially, but on the environment too. 

    This is one towel from a company that respects the process. ettitude uses "exclusive, sustainable CleanBamboo™ waffle weave fabric" They use bamboo which is 100% biodegradable and grows with minimal rain water and without chemicals.  Fun fact: Bamboo uses less geography to grow than cotton and regenerates to full mass every six months, which is why we use sustainable bamboo for our Purifying Masque Mixing Bowl Set.

    Honestly, all that goodness in the world wouldn't mean anything if the towel wasn't so super soft and luxurious. Nothing feels better against my skin after a refreshing soak... except maybe Java Jazz.

    Hope you try some of these suggestions to enhance your next bath and let me know in the comments how everything turned out. As my token of appreciation for reading all the way through, please feel free to use discount code SELFCARE25 and enjoy 25% off your next order.

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