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What is Minimalist Skincare?

Over a decade ago, I embraced a minimalist lifestyle. It was a gradual change that led to downsizing from a 2-bedroom condo to two suitcases in pursuit of enjoying sunshine...

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Best body butter you will ever use! I have been a loyal customer for over 3 years and let me tell you that NOTHING comes close to this product. I have used various creams and butters for 40+ years and my skin has never been healthier. I constantly receive compliments on my skin not to mention the intoxicating smell, hands down the BEST and last body butter you'll ever use!

Jerome Beddoe Customer

Best Face Oil ever!!!! I am in love with the Face Oil from Teal'n Bronze. It's the perfect blend of natural oils which help nourish and keep the moisture in my skin. It's not oily and it does not clog the pores. It softens and leaves the skin supple and radiant looking. It's ideal for all skin types, including my daughter's sensitive skin. I personally have dry skin and I would never be able to apply any kind of foundation without using the face oil before the makeup. It's worth every penny!

Carolina Bertolin Customer

Love all the products from Teal & Bronze! My skin looks and feels so smooth. I’ve purchased more expensive body butter smoothing products that don’t even compare to quality or price of Java Jazz. Definitely recommend product!

Rosanna B. Customer

After a year and a half of using the purifying mask my face is now clean, smooth, spotless and acne free. I no longer have to use make up to cover any dark spots and acne, i can't recall the last time i used make up. Because of this purifying mask i am confident in going out being all natural, no make up nothing at all....

Aaliyah K. Customer

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My Favourite Body Butter of All Time! I’ve tried so many body butters and nothing compares to Java Jazz. I love how the whipped texture melts into your skin and the subtle aroma of coffee and cocoa leaves my body smelling so good! I tend to have sensitive skin and find this product is so gentle and non-irritating. It is my absolute favourite body product I have ever tried and I could not recommend it enough!

Ayesha Khanna Cruelty-free & Vegan Creator @yourlittleveganpal