On this, the day of our Three Year Anniversary

On Sunday, September 27th at the Mississauga Convention Centre, along a row of booths, behind a home-printed sign, at the smallest corner of a table sat four small black jars of body butter. The world was about to meet Teal N Bronze...

The 2015 Suhaag wedding show is where our first jar was sold, officially launching our business. The profits from our first sales going to support the Story Book Farm Primate Sanctuary. (Where the IKEA monkey now resides #wherearetheynow)

Our business started as a way to support charity and has grown beyond anywhere we'd dreamed.

In 2016, just five months after our launch, the MTV Movie Awards gifting lounge hosted by Celebrity Connected came calling, asking for our participation. And we found ourselves hauling 200 celebrity packages to Hollywood. We learned a ton (note to self: Always shoot more video) and got to meet some stars we had no idea were so cool in real life.

On the wave of that success, we redesigned our website and completed our three-step skin care regime. We even had so much business we had to hire a Chief Canine Officer: Buddha. He kindly suggested we move into retail. Not bad for a five month old pup.

Over the years we've supported many charities from community centres and churches to Sick Kids and Hope for Hearts to breast cancer awareness, not for attention, but at the heart of our company is healing through wellness and kindness and compassion.

So it came completely out of the blue when one day in 2018 when we received a letter in the mail. It was an invitation to be a part of a special section. In a magazine. And not just any magazine, but one that set the trend (all trends, in fact) for all things fashion and fashionable: Vogue.

Our most recent product, Balancing Face Oil, had been selected to be part of the September Beauty Secrets section!

Now forever immortalized in print, it feels like a brilliant dream come true.

So this year, we celebrate, and we celebrate hard! It's incredible to see where we came from to where we are now. And more than anything we're grateful to all our beau-TEAL-fuls that have loved, supported, bought, gave feedback, and pushed us to greater heights.

Thank you. We've never felt so blessed.

Here's to the first three of so many more years of success!

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