Confused after receiving a Teal N Bronze sample? We have your answers here.

So you received a sample size of Teal N Bronze products and you're not sure of what you have? We're here to help.

Because our samples are small, we needed to create abbreviations that made sense. So we took each product and shortened each name to just its initials.

Here's your handy guide to understanding exactly what you have... and how to use it.

Teal N Bronze is a full line of organic skin care products, each falling into one of three simple steps for a full wellness lifestyle. This is almost all we use exclusively.

Step One | Exfoliate

Multani Multi-Soap

Removing harmful elements from your skin is the first step towards taking care of your body’s largest organ. Dirt and particles can penetrate your skin pores and sometimes it takes just a bit more to remove them.

That’s why we created our Multani Multi-Soap (MMS). Using multani clay, straight from India, our soap is made up of a carrier oil base to which we add essential oils and Multani Mitti clay. It’s incredible for all over cleansing with the most effective, gentle exfoliation you’ll ever know.

You can use Multani Multi-Soap on your entire body every day.

Step Two | Moisturize

Step Two: Moisturize

Your skin requires two elements, oxygen and moisture, to stay healthy. Once your skin pores are clean, you’ll need to enrich your skin’s natural oil (sebum) with the right balance for your unique body.

Our very first product was body butter, created for the ease of oil travel without spilling. Starting with organic cocoa butter, shea butter, olive butter, and coconut oil, Ascension Armour (AA) came to life. A suggestion for a different scent brought Java Jazz (JJ, coffee), Lush Limón (LL, Lemon), and Zen-Z (ZZ, Lavender) to you, each serving different needs and delivering unique benefits.

  • Ascension Armour is your multi-purpose butter, used on hair, body, facial cream, lip balm, eye cream, cracked skin, and polishing everywhere. For everyday use.
  • Java Jazz contains maximum caffeine to improve circulation and tone muscles. Anti-cellulite and anti-aging, Java Jazz has a delightful coffee aroma that invites your senses to wake up. Use each morning to tone and tighten.
  • Lush Limón is comprised of lemon essential oil, an organic anti-septic. This butter cleanses and moisturizes. Lemon oil is photosensitive; avoid sunlight after immediate use. Great replacement for hand sanitizer all day.
  • Zen-Z is made to relax your mind, with powerful lavender essential oil. Lavender aromatherapy cures insomnia and treats migraine headaches, while soothing and moisturizing. Use daily before bed.
  • Balancing Face Oil (BFO) contains four carrier oils and three essential oils, perfect to address your unique facial skin composition. Your face may be sensitive because of different skin type areas, right beside one another. Our Balancing Face Oil normalizes you skin moisture, with enough oils to take on each challenge, and a delightful scent unlike any other face oil on the market. Use every day.

Step Three | Restore


Once you have cleansed and moisturized, your skin has the power to improve if you take the time to restore and nurture it back to its youthful potential. One of the best ways to do this naturally is to immerse yourself in the ocean, the powerful composition combined with the healing power of the sun. But if you’re unable to embrace the beach because of weather or distance, we created our Restoration Salt Soak (RSS) to bring the sea to your bath.

Restoration Salt Soak combines five salts, four essential oils, and magnesium flakes to recreate the composition of the ocean and sun, bringing all of their benefits (and none of their negativity) directly to your home.

Three Step Skin Care Regime

When you take on all three steps, your skin has the power to transform and restore your health and your youth. You can try all of our samples in our Discovery Kit. Or purchase from any of our three pillars: Exfoliate, Moisturize, Restore.

Your skin is your largest organ and deserves significant attention to keep you healthy and looking your absolute best. Try Organic Luxury today!

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