From just one seed to success

The seed for Teal N Bronze was planted in Trinidad, where Nadia, Founder and Chief Invention Officer grew up. There was one abundant resource that her family used for cooking, lighting and best of all beauty. The oil extracted from coconuts went into EVERYTHING: Hair to provide shine and body oil to keep skin looking young under the Caribbean sun.

Returning to live in Canada's dry winters, Nadia searched everywhere to find a product that would provide as much relief as coconut oil, without all the chemicals and preservatives.

There simply wasn't one. she researched how to make her own. During that time the rest of the world was waking up to the benefits of organic coconut, and as consumers demanded better quality ingredients, suppliers purified and refined coconut oil into the highest grade exclusively for cosmetic purposes.

When her future husband, Paul, moved to Canada into the harshest winter in memory, she crafted what was to become the Ascension Armour to soothe his cracking skin. After one application, the future was clear: Teal N Bronze was made to heal the world.

What set her body butter apart was that every other product on the shelves used only one or two carrier oils. Carrier oils are robust in moisture to deliver concentrated essential oils. By combining 4 carrier oils and absolutely nothing else, Nadia uncovered the secret to restoring skin to its youthful glory.

Feedback was so positive with customers loving the silky, all-day moisture, that soon requests for specific skin benefits and scents came pouring in. Nadia went back to the lab to research new formulas.

From the original body butter came three new products, one with lavender, one with lemon and one with a secret coffee oil, a recipe more secret than KFC.

Each formula made to address a need constantly reveal unintended benefits like counteracting cellulite and built-in SPF protection, much to everyone's surprise.

What followed was a sea salt soak, completing the mission of using the best ingredients of the sea (Teal) with the best of the earth (Bronze). The muscle relief and excess water removal were just two of the many benefits discovered.

Since launching in September 2015, Nadia has invented 15 new products, including a mud therapy, shimmery body oils and exfoliating body polish. All are intended to do one of three things: Moisturize, Exfoliate or Restore. And some tackle two of these solutions at once.

From that one seed, the future of Teal N Bronze has grown into a plant of healing, continuing to develop, test and produce the highest quality, organic luxury to bring the earth's natural spa ingredients right into your home.

Live your dream. Love yourself. Heal the world, one body at a time. 

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