Six Mindful Tips for Greener Living

With WFH and spring in the air, many of us are starting to spring-clean and get organized. Make the best of the extra time on hand saved from not having to commute. Our founder, Nadia, lives Earth Day, everyday. So we created this mindful checklist to encourage you to make your every day greener around the house.

Here are the smart tips to inspire you to live a greener and healthier lifestyle:

1. Grocery Shop to avoid Food Wastage. Make a list always. But first, look in your fridge and pantry before you head to the store. Check your fresh produce and meat, as well as the expiry dates of frozen and canned food. Adjust your list accordingly to use up what you have. By avoiding food wastage, you are cutting down the environmental impact of our food production and shipping. Best of all, you are also saving money with this ritual. This mindfulness has made me consciously plan my grocery trip. In the process, I have even become more creative with my meals. And please remember never to shop hungry and stick to your smart list.

BEAU-TEAL-FUL Tip: Store vegetables and fruits separately for longer shelf life. On the plus side, if you wanted to speed up ripening say avocados, place them with tomatoes, bananas or melons. These fruits and vegetables tend to produce higher levels of ethylene gas, a ripening agent that speeds up spoilage.


2. Think Multi-purpose and Save the Planet.
This is the time to go beyond plastic bags and straws. Just look under the sink, in the cupboards and our wardrobe. We will be more than likely to find items that we have forgotten about. Get creative and re-imagine what you already have. Get even smarter the next time you are considering adding something to your cart. Switch to multiple-purpose products. By doing so, you are cutting back on what you are doing to throw out when you are done.

Ascension Armour

BEAU-TEAL-FUL Fact: Do you know our Ascension Amour body butter is not only a body moisturizer, but it can also be used as a hair mask, cuticle cream, cleansing balm and eye cream. Some of our fans are also using it to take their massages to the next level.


3. Rethink what You Know like Not Judging a Soap by its Bubbles. There was a time when cocaine was thought to be medicinal and was even prescribed to kids. This is a little dramatic for sure, but just to illustrate our many misconceptions. Let talk about SOAP. Many of us have been conditioned to equate the suds and bubbles of cleaning products with cleaning power. The reality is that the suds and bubbles are induced by chemicals. Remember, ingredients are the key to a soap that is good for you and the environment.

Multi-Use Cleansing Bar

BEAU-TEAL-FUL Fact: Did you our Multi-Use Cleansing Bar is made with all vegan goodness? Starting with an oil base, we added essential oils and glycerine to the Multani Mitti Clay. This fantastic clay removes excess oil, dirt, sebum, sweat and impurities from the skin. It cleans pores from the inside and prevents acne and pimples. For oilier skin, the clay will absorb excess oil and draw out blackheads. All the goodness will take your daily skincare from cleansing to purifying.


4. Paperless, Unplug & Cloud Less. We have done an excellent job of going paperless and minimizing single-use plastic. There is so much more we can do. One of the easiest things we can do is to simply unplug or switch off our electric outlets when we are not using them. This also means savings on our energy bills. But there is also the dirtiest secret of the digital world. A lot of energy required to maintain our documents in the cloud. Just for context, a YouTube video with five million views will burn as much energy as 40,000 U.S. homes use in a year. It is time to clean up our digital footprint.

BEAU-TEAL-FUL Tip: Our pictures on our phones take up a lot of memory, and we tend to store them on the cloud. Start a new green habit, edit your photographs daily or weekly and keep our favourites. You should reconsider backing up on the cloud and back them up on your computer or external drive. Do you know Teal and Bronze's products are made hand-crafted with the use of no or minimal electrical energy?


5. Mindfulness and Self-care to truly Live Your Best Life. With this Stay-At-Home experience, many of us are rediscovering ourselves. This time is allowing us to slow down to re-assess how we live and what we really need. We are learning to focus and simplify better. Despite the many challenges, there are some obvious benefits that we can relish. Look up in awe and enjoy the clearer skies with less smog. Taking in the air that is much fresher than ever. As a society, we are experiencing something unprecedented and new together. We are awakening to our impact on the planet by the way we live and consume. When this is finally over, let us take this with us and truly live our best lives.

Introductory Wellness Kit

BEAU-TEAL-FUL Fact: Self-care has never been more critical. Be kind to yourself. Acknowledge what you feel. Tap into the power of exercise and body movement to release your energy. Eat better and sleep more. Reach out to people that cherish you. Do not forget to be more present with your daily chores and tasks and take note of what you are successfully doing. Take the extra mile and pamper yourself with a manicure, facial or simply soak in a calming bath. We have created a limited-edition Wellness Set at a special price. Click here to discover.


6. Take Recycling to the Zero Waste Challenge in Our Daily Lives. Let us RETHINK how we Live. REFUSE what we are told we need, especially when it is laden with toxic chemicals. Know what we need and REDUCE what we put in the landfills and waterways. Get creative and REUSE what we have and definitely REPAIR when we can. Get smarter with how we RECYCLE like disposing electronics and organics waste.

BEAU-TEAL-FUL Tip: Start by being mindful. Implement changes at your own pace. Be kind to yourself. Share your new rituals and discoveries with people to inspire them. Zero waste may seem like a lofty goal, but always remember, it is the sum of many actions from you and me that will make this happen. Do you know the ban of single-use plastic bags in New York means there will be 23bn plastic bags fewer each year that will end up in landfill or polluting streets, green spaces and waterways? 





    Keep Well & HAPPY Earth DAY

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